How to use Twitter Cards for One-Click Signups to Your Email List

Ryan Battles  •   Content Marketing

Recently I’ve received a number of questions about how I accomplished a One-Click Signup button at the top of my Twitter profile page.

Twitter Card Screenshot

Twitter already has everybody’s email addresses, so if they click on that button, their email address will go into my newsletter database. It really is an effective tool because it:

  • Removes the friction of filling out a form
  • Eliminates the need to confirm an email address
  • Targets people who are already “subscribed” to you via Twitter

All-in-all, it’s pretty powerful. So how did I do it?

How I Created a Twitter Card

When you sign up as a Twitter advertiser (Free), you are able to create Lead Generation Cards by going to Creatives > Cards > Great Lead Generation Card.

Edit: @nathanallotey informed me that in order to create lead generation cards, you must enter your credit card information into Twitter Ads (even though the lead-generation cards are free to create and promote yourself). To ender your credit card, select “Set up credit card payment” under the “Account” menu. Thanks Nathan!

You will then be able to upload an image, a description, a call to action, etc.

You will need to be sure to have a privacy policy url on your website as a requirement from Twitter. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free by clicking through some simple questions here:

You will also need a fallback url for your signup form in case the Twitter client that your follower is using doesn’t yet support cards. You can then customize the following optional features:

  • A post-submit message
  • A destination url after they submit
  • A submit URL to send the form data to

For that last one, I am fortunate that my email campaign software supports Twitter cards out of the box: ConvertKit.

I can then see within ConvertKit how many signups I am getting on my list each day:

Convertkit Screenshot

Finally, I use Twitter’s new “pinned tweet” feature to keep that signup button at the top of my profile when visiting

Pinning a Tweet to the Top of Your Profile

I have to first grab the url for the card by visiting the Card index page within my Twitter Ads account:

Twitter Card Gallery

Now, whenever I paste the url into a Tweet, the card will be appended to it. I simply created a Tweet saying:

Hey Twitter Followers, be sure to connect via email to receive my latest blog posts:

This then converts into the button in Twitter clients that support it, and forwards to my signup form on my own website for Twitter clients that don’t.

After publishing the Tweet, I clicked on the Tweet menu at the bottom of my Tweet (on, and selected “Pin to your profile page”:

Pinning to a Profile Page

Kachow! It is now pinned to the top of my profile no matter what else I post.

Bonus: Promote Your Individual Blog Articles

Earlier today I was working on another article, and I was pretty excited about it, so I tweeted the following:

Wrapping up an epic #saas post on Knowing Your Audience, and online tools to help. Get notified when it goes live:

Which then turned into this:

SaaS Audience Tweet

Bam! It was super-easy and already garnered a couple more additions to the email list.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @ryanbattles. Enjoy!