What you will learn with this book

  • Validating Your Idea

    So you've got an idea, how do you know whether or not you can actually make money off of it? We'll dive into how to validate an idea to see if people will buy before you build.

  • Positing Your Product and Yourself

    We'll discuss the optimal way to present your product to draw in your audience and increase sales. We'll also talk about using your personal brand to increase your sales.

  • Engaging With Your Audience

    There are so many ways to engage with people using today's technology, what is hard is knowing which tools to use, and how to use them most effectively.

  • Measuring Your Results

    It would be nice if we could just try our best and sit back...but a smart marketer keeps an eye on key metrics, and notices how slight can adjustments affect your bottom line.

  • Spending Time & Money Only On What Works

    Armed with the data from measuring your results, we can discover where the smart time and money should be spent, so you don't waste time and can get back to your other duties.

  • The Road to Growth

    After launching and acquiring initial customers, we'll look ahead at ways to reduce churn and turn our customers into our best evangelists.